Be Vegetarian & Humanitarian

Today is the day when crores of animals are sacrificed for the sake of memory of an incident of miracle observed hundreds year ago, at the time of a famine in Arab country.

Then people were dieing in lack of food, they went to their spiritual leader to take the permission of eating non- vegetarian food, but he denied, he asked to Allah (the God), God permitted sacrifice of the dearest thing he has, he decided to sacrifice his son, because  he was the dearest to him.

When he was praying to God for accepting the sacrifice, and closed his eyes, he cut the head of his son, but when he opened his eyes found that there is a goat (Dumba) in place of his son, his son was saved by this miracle.

After this bloodshed, he was not happy and  not agreed to take the meat as food, only touched it by a finger and touched that finger to his tongue.

After so many years, when there is no famine, we are still cutting crores of innocents, for the sake of memory of that sacrifice permitted of his son.

Do we believe in God, Allah, if yes then why not dare to cut our child for the sake of sacrifice of God?

No we wouldn’t, because we know that this will not going to happen again, no Dumba will come to save his life, because we have no faith like that spiritual leader.

We must know some facts behind this story of real incident :

1. He was a strict vegetarian.

2. He was not agreed to sacrifice any innocent animal, for the sake of hunger even in the condition of famine.

3. God had agreed to accept the sacrifice of the dearest.

4. Even after the sacrifice, he was not happy to see the blood and flesh, because of his tender heart and humanitarian outlook.

5. We must have followed his real instinct.

6. We all must be vegetarian and humanitarian.

Tej Prakash, Lucknow, U.P., India


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