What is the meaning of knowledge.

What we know about anything is knowledge about it. It makes us aware about the qualities and characteristics of that thing.

But that is also incomplete, as deeper researches reveals new facts about it by scientists.

In jain mythology there is a story about four blinds who were sharing their experience; one touched the tail of elephant and told that Elephant is like a thin robe; the other found the trunk of it and shared that it was like a stem of a tree, the third one found the ears of elephant and said it was like a bouillon, the fourth one caught the legs of elephant and told it was like a trunk of a tree.

All of them were having incomplete knowledge but were very much confident about their own experience.

This is the way, how we get prejudice about anything, form a firm decision without leaving any gap for second opinion.

This is what, we can say sophistry, this keeps us miles away from truth.

Only one aspect is incomplete knowledge.

One who has attained the blissful wisdom, always happy to add new chapter to his knowledge.

Hindu mythology says, Knowledge is wisdom, which relieves us not binds.

Knowledge which gives us feeling of knowing is ignorance, who knows, comes to know that he found only a few precious stones of this sea of knowledge.

Knowledge is like a see, so we must be free from feeling of knowing, we should always be prepared to attain the new gems of this sea.

Each gem has its significance, so don’t underestimate it.

Most precious stones are found underground, and only a goldsmith knows the real value of it.

Every precious stone has to pass an examination process, and to undergo trials then it gets a price tag.

The best teacher is our life and best sessions of understanding knowledge are trials and the so called bad time. This time shapes us, cuts unwanted, adds new dimensions and glow in our life.

Tej Prakash, Lucknow, U.P., India


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