Life is a challenge – don’t loose it!

Who wants to struggle unnecessarily, but life presents new questions before us. These questions, are the force which press us to think upon these questions and find the best answers.
Some persons wants to escape from these questions and quit the examination; some try to solve but look here and there for some external support; some left the questions half done; but only a few answer successfully and somehow get the passing marks; the rare of rarest persons give best suitable answers which becomes the benchmark to rest of the world.
These rare persons are so called fools, who fight their whole life against the waves of rest of the world. They think about the society at large, and not about their own life, family & worldly pleasures.
All the great personalities, who changes the thinking of masses were made of same flesh as ours but had mind so pure and pious that God chosen them to manifest His wisdom through them.
They are called incarnations in Hindu, prophets in Muslim and son of God in christian mythology.
The cunning ones like us who fought for worldly pleasures died for nothing and lost everything at last like a looser.
There are two ways always before us, either to go behind the money and honey or go for eternal journey in search of truth, pleasure for all, whole mankind.
All great saints loved all, even to animals alike.
They chose the path of sacrifice.
They fought against the barbarianism, inhuman behaviours at the cost of their lives.
Some lost their life on this path, but they are still alive in our hearts, became immortal and rest who enjoyed their whole life, are really dead, because no one remembers them, real losers.

Tej Prakash, Lucknow, U.P., India


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