Lord Krishna – meaning of His love to Cream of milk

Once again, Lord Krishna is back and every follower of Him is busy in preparation of His Birthday, which is celebrated by devotees as Krishna Janmastami.

Though Lord Krishna fought against all types of hypocracies, as he opposed Indra Pooja , which was observed by villagers, as Indra Poona.

Today, people celebrate, His birthday by mere cutting  cucumber, and observing fast only.

Lord Krishna took birth to establish the reign of goodness “Dharma” dethroning evils.

All his life, He fought with social evils and enemies of goodness. He himself was the embodiment of Lord Vishnu & but lived like simple villager who loved everyone, play flute, play with villagers, picked curd & cream from the houses of neighbours, who love God &,pray that “we offer you everything whatever you have given to me”.

Hearing their prayer, Krishna asserted their right over curd and cream, hidden in their stores, and distributed it among village boys, needy ones & monkeys.

Spiritual sense of this so called theft was;, He likes only the pure heart people, and cream resembles the purest feelings of love and devotion.

Many villagers wanted that “May Krishna visit once to their stores and take away curd and cream but Krishna neither accepted their prayer, and nor visited there because they were not so good at heart.

He taught the lesson of love and equality among all without a feeling of caste and creed. His love to cows, gave him a name “Gopal” means master of senses.

He has full control over his mind, words & senses, so he also been named as “Yogeshwar” , Master of Yoga.

We must understand His message, by following His words written in tbe  “Sacred Geeta” and follow their teachings and this will be the real worship of Him.

Let Him take birth in the cage of your mind where “SOUL” is caged with the bonds of your desires in the darkness of ignorance. His birthplace must be pure, so make your mind free from all evils and pray Krishna to come and take His seat or throne or chariot and drive the rest of our life in His divine guidance.  – Tej Prakash

Tej Prakash, Lucknow, U.P., India


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