Rescue yourself


This picture depicts the story of Lord Shri Krishna, when he was playing a ball near Yamuna river in Gokul, the ball had rolled into the river, Krishna, followed the ball and jumped into the river.
All the boys were shocked as the river was haunted with the presence of very poisonous snake Kaliya, who was killing innocent villagers & animals who go near Yamuna, or drink the water of it.
Knowing very well about the story, Lord Krishna had decided to teach a lesson to proudly snake Kaliya.
As Lord Krishna jumped into water, Kalia attacked over Krishna with its aides, Lord Krishna played with him like a play, at last He took over him, and Kalia was almost dead, her wives came to Lord Krishna and prayed for her husband’s life.
Lord Krishna forgave Kalia on the ground of his assurance to leave Gokul & Yamuna at once for ever.
This story has a spiritual meaning that “we are human being and our minds are like river Yamuna, but our animal nature like proud, anger, jealousy are like Kalia snake and it makes our mind polluted through its venom.
Now the question is “how we can control over such weaknesses which are too much poisonous and make our life like a hell.”
Our ‘Atma’ the innerself which is the purest part of Lord Krishna, cause of life and death, can rescue us from these killer weaknesses.
When we pray Him to rescue us, He makes the way, prepare the circumstances of life in such a way, that we are compelled to understand the truth behind it, which results in natural renunciation.
This is the true Yoga state of our mind. This is the message of story, we have to understand the the poisonous weaknesses, of ourselves and try to remove them likewise.        —— Tej Prakash

Tej Prakash, Lucknow, U.P., India


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